General Terms and Conditions refer to www.luxe.si and other author’s works and services, where Luxe s.p., Aleksander Hojnik, hereinafter referred to as Luxe, is listed as a provider of services, products and design of copyright works.



Unless otherwise stated in the offer, the payment value is 14 days from the issued invoice. Preliminary designs represent 50% of the project value, the value of the order and can deviate from the final appearance. By awarding a written contract, the subscriber agrees to the billing of services and to the general conditions of Luxe s.p. All changes to the order are valid only in written correspondence. In case of cancellation of the order, the client has to compensate in full for the completed part of the contract. The client has to settle all other costs incurred in connection with the order. Cancellation of the confirmed order or avoidance by the customer, with reference to its terms, shall not be taken into account. Any copyright infringement will be reported to the competent authorities.



The production time varies according to the complexity of the project and is defined in the written agreement with the customer. The deadline for implementation starts on the day after the conditions for work by the client are provided. If the customer does not provide necessary conditions for delivering the work, it is deemed that it has resigned from the contract.



The website luxe.si and all textual, graphic and other content are owned by Luxe s.p., and can not be used, copied, stored or reproduced without a written consent. For the graphic preparation / design that we perform for a client, all rights (copyrights) are exclusive to the business entity Luxe s.p. The customer pays only the execution of the work itself or services itself, but not the right to any intellectual property. The conceptual design or individual work is merely a working version and does not represent the final author’s work or service, and therefore does not entitle the customer to the final use of this, unless otherwise specified in a written agreement. In case of violation of this provision, Luxe s.p. charges the customer or utilizes infringement procedures for the copyrighted work.



After the work is completed, the client receives the final files suitable for the purpose – end use. Working or ‘open’ files are moral, real and material property of Luxe s.p. and the customer is not entitled to them. Copyright and / or open files may be transferred to the subscriber or third party after payment. In this case, the rights will be transferred to the ownership of the customer / third party only by payment of the agreed amount. All other copyright work until the complete payment of obligations remains the property of Luxe.s.p. As holder of moral rights, Luxe s.p. has the right to use copyright works for the purpose of own promotion, public announcements, etc. A different agreement with the customer can only be made in written form with the payment of the agreed sum.



The deadline for the complaint is 7 days after the service has been provided. Complaints are accepted only in writing. If the complaint is unwarranted, or submitted after the expiration of 7 days from the date of issue of the invoice, we will reject the complaint. Any avoidance of payment of obligations will be recovered by court and the costs will be charged to the customer. Complaint about the quality of copyright work is not possible. The copyrighted work can be proven faulty only in court with a court expert in the field of graphic design.



We reserve the right to publish the name of our customer, the services provided in verbal and image form in the list of references. If the client wishes to remain anonymous, he needs to warn us before placing the order.



For more information, please contact info@luxe.si.