Design tips



Diferent sizes and weight of elements or contrasting colors can help guide the observer through the design. Balancing the design either with symmetry which can be perceived as static or asymmetry that is its dynamic counterpart, you can position elements to maximize their visibility.

The composition of the design is important as only a unified design assures that the observer gets a clear message. By utilizing grids you can place elements coherent and organized. By defining grid layouts you can identify focal points and create layouts which guide the observer.

Better safe than sorry
Try something new

Select the typeface with right tone for your business and limit yourself to 2, max. 3 typefaces. Break up large chunks of text and use iconography to make it more visually interesting. By utilizing the power of colors on the psyche of observer the message can become more inspiring and persuading. Contrasting colors have same effect as typeface variants and help you create hierarchy.

Take into account the white space as it is as important as all the other filled out areas. Make sure that the elements in the design are well proportioned and aligned. An element that is out of boundaries of expected can help you achieve a focal point and dominance.

• Better safe than sorry
• Try something new