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The big movie studios have the capacity and budget to produce everything a movie director desires. They have all the technology, sets and money to produce big action movies a smaller studio could afford with difficulty. As bigger corporations struggle with high costs of their studios and equipment, the smaller production sites are on rise, being more affordable and producing same movie quality.

The only difference are the high paid actors, which are not even an necessity anymore. Recently many new high-budget movies with known actors have shown, that they cannot compete with the quality of stories or acting skills of smaller independent productions. The size of the crew and studio doesn’t matter anymore.

The girl - The 7 Year Itch
Rachel - Blade Runner

• The 7 Year Itch, the Girl
• Blade Runner, Rachel
• Kill Bill, the Bride

The bride - Kill Bill

Big marketing agencies and design studios don’t necessarily have a better production. You have to take into account, that most freelance designers or marketeers have an agency background. They mostly leave, because big companies put time before creativity. Every project is limited by time and resources, to create a bigger revenue for the company. Multiple projects are worked on simultaneously, making working stress and poor results.

Freelancers can invest more time into the clients and project as they are more focused on work and creativity. Working only on one project at the time delivers better results for the clients. Not having big operating costs for offices and employees, enables them lower prices for same quality as the big agencies can offer. The only difference is, that you are not paying for a prominent name, but only for quality work.