The storm of despair


The storm
of despair

The experience of losing something you hold dear strikes everyone at one point in life. The profound emptiness and darkness enters one’s soul. A dark place, from where it is hard to find an escape. Everyday becomes a fight as otherwise simple tasks become difficult to manage.

Such mental state is still treated as something not worth mentioning. It is not something that can be buried under everyday existential worries or under a pile of work. Sadness is like a lightning cloaked in the clouds and strikes when least expected.

Teardrops in darkness
A meaningless procession
Take my heart

• Teardrops in darkness
• A meaningless procession
• Take my heart

Once you find yourself at the bottom of the rocky shore, it can be hard to finding a safe path up the cliff to continue your life journey. Creative work is all about your inspiration. Everyone gets to the point when you feel uninspired with the work or project.

Sometimes when the ideas dry up it helps to look at art pieces or photos that invigorate your spirit. A walk to the museum or art gallery or even just a plain walk into the forest might help. Sometimes it helps to look at projects you’ve done or projects that were rejected by clients. It is amazing how the spark of creativity gets reborn while reading a good book or engaging in your favorite hobby.

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