The beauty & the ugly


The beauty
& the ugly

Vanity & profanity

Humanity doesn’t want the world to change, to prosper or to evolve. The majority of population still worships imaginary deities. People are going to churches, praying and most of all paying their sins off.

Some are all flooded with vanity not realizing, that you don’t need outside confirmation to guide you on your just path, to your real purpose in life. Money makes only things worse as everyone is hooked on accumulating more and more.

The best price for the creative work would be calculated based on the effort and time put into it. The clients mostly want the cost estimate before the project starts. Sometimes the scope of the project changes during the designing process and sometimes unknown facts attribute to complete new design. It has become a rarity, that a fixed price can cover the cost of spent time on a project.

A design price-list serves as a good starting point as it includes the prices based on average estimated time for the task. The prices include all the stages from start to end necessary for the successful completion of the project. The best starting point is the exchange of information that allows an insight into project. If the idea is clear, the designer can continue with planning and analysis of the project.

Greed & desire
Stupidity & ignorance

The prices on the market are different because of various factors. Bigger agencies need to cover the cost of their business space, software, equipment and work force, while smaller companies subtract mostly only the cost of employees, equipment and software. The third group – the students usually brake the prices while charging only for their spent time.

• Vanity & profanity
• Greed & desire
• Stupidity & ignorance