Got uninspired



Some projects become uninspired because of the client’s guidelines and his view of the subject at hand. An untrained eye and the vision of individual can limit the success of the project. Mostly even an honest conversation with the clients doesn’t count as they don’t understand that their approach to the problem is wrong.

They don’t understand that the creative work is as serious job as repairing their highly appreciated car. If the mechanic would repair the car with supervision and following the customers ideas on how to approach the problem, the car would break down. The same goes for bad design, which in most cases is the result of customers stubbornness. Sometimes the project gets over-complicated by changing directives or multitude of corrections and a simple task doesn’t meet the end.

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Deadlines can often limit the creative work flow and contribute to the feel of a non satisfactory project. Keep in mind that the creative work requires time, as the designer tries out different combinations to achieve the best result. Beeing under pressure can result in an unsatisfying atmosphere, and the results can be either good or bad.

But in the end, sometimes you just get disappointed by the work you have to deliver and you just hope for the best results.

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