The white



White is as important as all other colors of the color wheel. It is the color that is perceived as ultimate clarity, providing excellent contrast for other colors. There is no better color to use on a color background than white. White is the ultimate perfection, used throughout history to represent hope and comfort.

White space enriches the design and makes it breathe, while ensuring that the focus is placed on highly legible content. Using white in design needs to be a choice rather than obligation. Design always starts with a blank paper, which calms and opens up the possibilities.

Exploration of negative space
Calm your heartbeat

Good design is not filling up all the empty space. Not many understand that white space is necessary for observer to take a break from all other elements. White is in the design like the light on your screens, it gives energy and power.

White can set the mood for your creation and creates contrasts impossible to ignore. It can be simple and can be complex.

• Exploration of negative space
• Calm your heartbeat