The digital world


The digital


As I work with my computer I am fascinated by it’s computing power. Once designers used to work with pencils and paper. It was difficult to express yourself and create something special if you didn’t posses the talent to draw. Today everything is so simple and everyone is getting on the train of graphics and design.

The creative field has become a playground, where people don’t study the basics anymore… it has become sufficient to buy a computer and learn the computer software.

But even a simple design requires time to evolve and live. Every design starts out from the research of the topic. Deep understanding of the niche you are working for helps develop a design that suits the purpose. What follows is an idea placed on a piece of paper.

First drafts – hand sketches are refined by laying out guidelines which follow certain rules and allow the design to be adjusted accordingly. The guidelines are meshes created by lines, circles or cubes and allow definition of proportions, that are then used throughout the design.

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