The differences



Sometimes I get amazed about how there is no one just like the other. So much uniqueness of life and vegetation, which makes the world vibrant and diverse. The uniqueness makes the world go forward, as only individual mind can form new ideas and bring them to life.

We are all majestic just like the fairy tale unicorn. The color of the skin, the tilt of our eyes, the shape of the nose and the fullness of the lips are only the trademarks to help others recognize us in this overcrowded world. Our personal traits make us different and our roots or nationality only describe a place from where we came from.


• Freedom
• Anger
• Stubbornness


Just like our special treats helps make us unique so does the hierarchy in design. By using color, elements or typography in various sizes or variations you can achieve supremacy above other elements. It helps create a focus on the most important things, which you want the observer to notice instantly.

In this world overcrowded with stunning visuals and constant advertising you have to reach your target audience as fast as possible. Making your most important statement noticeable has become a priority.

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