Mind over matter


Mind over

Diamonds are not happiness

It is easy to get lost in the material world. The instant fame and rapid success can be overwhelming. There is no lasting joy or happiness in the accumulated goods. It doesn’t matter if you buy a pair of expensive new shoes, a diamond bracelet or a luxury car.

No matter how long you wait to acquire the objects of your desire, you will always find just a temporary satisfaction. Accumulation of wealth leads only to bigger expectations. Every drop of happiness is ultimately lost in the cycle of shopping frenzy.

The ownership of design and stages that lead to the finalization are another topic worth mentioning. Upon payment for the service provided, the client is entitled to the ownership of the final design. The client does not own any rejected designs or in between design, which lead to the final product. The final design means only the files provided by the designer which are ready to use in a print house or online.

The customer never owns the source – open files which were used to create the final design. This is the layout that the designer created for the sole purpose of generating the files for customer, it is his formula for the project.

See & hear & speak no evil
Substances are not happiness

• Diamonds are not happiness
• See & hear & speak no evil
• Substances are not happiness