Micro and macro


and macro

We are all a complex mega structure, where every organ and cell has their specific role and function. It is the perfect piece of machinery, controlling human body functions and thoughts. It is assembled randomly, from fragments of DNA and by cell division.

I am searching the web to find out about the building parts of the smallest pieces inside cells… it is uncomprehending yet. It is an entire other world, with its own sets of rules.

X-Chromosome with DNA
Blood cells inside a vein

• X-Chromosome with DNA
• Cell division
• Blood cells inside a vein

Cell division

There are certain rules to be followed also in the field of graphic design. They help maintain a good balance between visual appeal and usability. Poor choices made by designers and non-designers results in a bad perception of a brand or product.

The most important rule while maintaining a brand is to be consistent. Sticking to the predefined visual style and using the same colors, typography, graphics helps you stick from the crowd of similar products or services. It is the only thing that helps end user to instantly recognize your brand.

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