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Keep the dreams

Space surfer

Sometimes I dream about the universe… the place where all the unimaginable truths of existence are stored. The beauty of the galaxies lies in the never-ending variations of shapes and colors, trapped inside the mysterious fabric of space itself.

The universe is a place of energy, where stars are born out of darkness and end their existence in the shape of a black hole. It is the black unexplored place, that is carefully storing all the precious moments… just like the subconscious mind, waiting for someday to be explored.

Sometimes you get stuck inside a loop and cannot find a good result for the task at hand. Taking into account the power of color, shape or typography everything can be done. But most of the time clutter is not the answer and you have to except that the whiteness makes up for everything.

The white space allows the eyes and your mind to rest and comprehend everything that is at hand. Only the empty space can enhance and enrich presented shapes and colors. It is sophisticated, calming and lets your imagination free. It leads into a world of personal peace of contentment.

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