Greed rules



I think a lot about the civilizations lost long ago. It is strange to see that throughout human history nothing has changed. Life is still reduced to pursuing meaningless endeavors, with people more disconnected from another than ever.

Humanity is concerned with personal issues and gain, popularity and recognition.
Greed still rules the world. Selfish people are never satisfied in their pursuit of money and wealth. They don’t even notice people living in extreme poverty and despair.

Greed kills
Money won’t save you

• Greed kills
• Money won’t save you
• Time is the end

Time is the end

We are a society bound by status and classes that have their own specific characteristics … just like there is a world of different color models in graphics. Different color models are used for different purposes, and incorrect use leads to various problems.

Wrong choices result in too dark or too light colors, un-saturation or over-saturation of colors, and too strong or too light contrasts. When used in digital media, in older browsers or software the colors sometimes even don’t appear.

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