Color models



There are different color models used for various purposes. A lot of people wonder why and where they should use RGB, CMYK and Pantone colors.

The RGB color model is used for screen displays, and is composed of red, green and blue color. By utilizing the light of the devices and projecting white color, enables the color to be more vibrant and saturated that in the print media.

RG Bunny
The 4 color goose

• RG Bunny
• The 4 color goose

The CMYK color model combines cyan, magenta, yellow and black colors. Most printers and print shops use this color model for the prints and all your business stationery. If you want your printed materials to have same colors, it is important that the printer has a good color calibration and that the files for printing are prepared correctly.

Pantone colors are the most accurate colors made by the Pantone company. Here the color calibration of the printing machine doesn’t matter as the colors are mixed by a specified recipe. Pantone colors are used only for the printed materials and are sorted with the corresponding numbers, each having it unique formula.



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