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Need green energy

I remembered how scared I was as a child, while watching my first horror movie. I didn’t understand that the fantasy creatures with their unique qualities and behavioral patterns represented the differences between people.

As I got older the horror stories became just a fun entertainment and the two sides of the story became much more complex. All those subtle messages transform the black and white into a full spectrum of colors, emotions and actions/reactions.

I still remember our old television with that big black and white pixels. The pixels are what define a raster or a bitmap image. It is a collection of dots in various colors, that form a bigger picture. If you scale a bitmap image, you always come to the problem of the quality loss.

That is where the vector graphics comes in handy. Vectors are not stored as pixels, but rather as an information of object, lines with coordinates in a space. Vectors when resized maintain perfect sharpness and quality.

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