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from  stones…

creating brands

& custom designs.

passion & desire

Guided by the desire to discover the treasure that is the core of your business. Utilizing the power of imagination and knowledge to brings results for the clients.

Creative work is a serious job, that is why nothing is left to coincidence. Striving to do things differently, while maintaining an open discussion and taking into account the customers input.


the  core…

storytelling & connecting

brands with customers.

patience & perseverance

Brushing up the company values and finding aspirations for your employees and end users. Bringing your company story alive, by finding connections with your potential customers.

Communicating company core message and visual identity, while subduing everything to usability and main purpose, ultimately guiding customers to perform a desired action.

Take a look at some basic information in my blog, where I answer the most frequent questions I get asked by clients.

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are  a  companys
best  friend…

Not all is gold that shines … In a world of abundance and endless offers, the term “best” is immeasurable and meaningless. The best service and the best product do not exist.


one  day
you  realize

every story has

only one purpose.

sales & gains

In fact, there is no formula that can truly guarantees the success of the project. It all revolves around knowledge and past experiences, that help anticipate the prospects of a project.

The fact is, that working with good intentions, inspired by heart and without external constraints produces good results.